A group of 8-15 carefully selected AAU students will travel to Galle, Sri Lanka for three weeks in January 2017. Through humanitarian work, visiting local businesses/national institutions and daily fieldwork, students will develop their understanding of the island and its culture, culminating in a research paper. The course has two aspects; preparation and execution.

Preparation will be in the form of classes, which will include: training in teaching (English as a second language as well as other subjects); guidance on working in a humanitarian capacity; a background on Sri Lankan culture, politics, economics and history; and how to assemble fieldwork into an academic research paper.

Upon arrival in Galle, execution of the project will involve hands-on volunteer work under the supervision of AAU staff and the Czech NGO, Voluntair. Support and contacts will also be provided by the Sri Lankan consulate in Prague.

Volunteering comprises 50% of the total grade with a research paper comprising the remaining 50%. Specifically the academic work is divided into three parts; (1) research proposal, (2) on-site research, and (3) a research report, which will be completed after students have returned from Sri Lanka.